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Comments about the team from current clients, previous colleagues and ex-management:

"Generator PR gets results, almost always instantly. Their connections throughout the financial services press is phenomenal and enthusiasm is off the scale!" - leading Editor, Financial Services title

“When I first joined DSGi it was clear that one area of particular focus was the TechGuys proposition and how we were going to bring to market. PR had to play a strong part in the launch plan, investment was kept at a minimum. Rob was not only supportive in this idea but led much of our creative thinking and new ideas. We created much pressence and value because of Rob's approach and attitude. I will be using Rob in my new venture when I need a strong and creative PR expert. Tom Barry.” Tom Barry, May 15th 2009. Managing Director, The TechGuys and Group Financial Services (DSGi PLC) (Stop press - Generator PR now working with this ex colleague - Nov 09)

"Rob is hugely creative, a lateral thinker that is passionate about communications and activities that supported Epson and its Channel. That's why I hired him. He moved Epson squarely into the consumer and business world with campaigns that excited the press and our sales teams and secured column inches and 3rd party sales endorsement that Epson hadn't enjoyed before. Instantly likable with energy - you just want to bottle Rob who is an asset to any company. Only hope we can work together again one day on future marketing and channel activity - Jane Barnard - Senior Communications Manager, Dept. of Health (Ex boss at Epson)"

"I've worked with Rob and the team for many years now and he's fantastic. Always brimming with ideas that make me, and more importantly my clients, smile and want to participate in all things PR related". Current client

"I have no hesitation bringing Generator in to work with me and my customers. In fact, I've even got him hosting some of my clients PR workshops for 2010. Workshops that we're all looking forward to as he's an excellent presenter. " client

On a personal note, and probably the most important, where Rob has assisted Iuvo Marketing with it's PR, the coverage we have received has provided direct business for us that if measured on an ROI basis has been priceless."  Sarah Hooper -, MD Iuvo Marketing Ltd (Sarah was placed in the centre page spread of The Sunday Times by Generator PR in late December 2009)

"Generator PR was a great help to me, enabling me to sort through my thinking and work out where I needed to go with my marketing.” Jacky Tustain, Founder & Director BeCanDo Ltd


"Rob is an enthusiastic and confident team player. He is extremely personable and professional to work with. He has a great sense of humour and is determined to get the job done". Andrew Vincent - Vauxhall Fleet Sales and Inventory Manager

"They unquestionably scored maximum coverage for all the projects that they undertook for my category during the time we worked together. They have an extensive network of contacts and great relationships with all the "right" people in the press. Never-ending energy is infectious and they have an engaging avant-garde approach which makes working with them an absolute pleasure.” September 24, 2008 (A senior retail Director who asked to remain anonymous as Generator PR is curently working with him at his new company but cannot go public yet - Nov 09)

"I worked with Rob at the very beginning of my career as a wet behind the ears press officer at Kyocera. Although my time working with Rob was relatively short I strongly believe that he taught me more about the world of PR than any other colleague. His enthusiasm for PR and business in general is infectious and his professionalism is faultless. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated, skilled and vivacious PR professional.” Sarah Tanner, Communications Manager, Kyocera Mita Ltd.


“Generator PR is highly creative and innovative thinkers who are extremly passionate about their work - PR is in their blood!  They have demonstrated enomous success with clients and consistently exceeded my expections. The team are very supportive with a very approachable and likeable consultative approach. Highly recommended!” Caroline Buckingham, Director , Coordin8 Resources Limited




“Great team players, they make things happen and deliver on promises. The biggest asset is the relationships with the Press and how they work a room of people to maximise all PR opportunities. Fantastic characters with never ending energy.” September 19, 2007 Head of Trading DSGi




“It’s not just that Rob is a great PR man. He is; take that as read. It’s not just that Rob’s a great ideas man. Yes, he’s very creative – and what’s more he has good ideas – but, if we’re honest, lots of people have good ideas. What sets Rob apart from all the people I’ve ever worked with is his ability to put his ideas into action. Part of that has to be due to his innate ability to get other people on-board. Maybe it's his infectious enthusiasm, but for one reason or another he can carry people along with him and turn an idea in his own mind into an agreed plan for his company and then produce a tangible result. He even succeeds in difficult environments, where the odds are stacked against achieving results; he is one of the few people you can rely on to get things moving. One other thing: Rob’s ideas were not limited to PR. Every time he came into contact with another department he would think of ways of improving things. And whereas this would be seen as intrusive from some people, it was always appreciated from Rob. That’s why I can see Rob in a CEO/COO position in the future. It’s not a common career progression for a PR-bod, true, but I wouldn't be surprised.” September 14, 2008 Senior Manager – Kyocera Mita Corporation




“Rob is a great guy with excellent ideas - he should launch a PR agency”  - Global PR Manager, Kyocera Mita Corporation




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“Rob is the most enthusiastic and proactive PR professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His product knowledge and vast expanse of industry networks are excellent and really delivers in driving forward our brand and product awareness in the market place. Rob would add real value to any business in which he was to work . If there is a story to tell then Rob will find a headline for you !” March 4, 2008 (DSGi Senior Colleague)