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 We are able to offer a range of PR and communications services to assist clients. We will put a dedicated team at your disposal. We also work with other agencies and can assemble the right team for you, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Services include: 

+ Press release creation and target media lists

+ Case studies

+ Private Equity, Ventures, Mezzanine Finance and City PR support

+ Temporary PR management staff (projects or maternity cover)

+ Recruitment agency PR support

+ Portfolio company PR support (Angel investments, VC and 2nd round funding etc)

+ Crisis management advice and planning - we can be here for you 24/7

+ PR to support change management

+ PR to support HR

+ Press office support

+ Feature articles

+ Media training (working with leading Broadsheet journalists)

+ Loan programme

+ Campaign PR activities 

Rob Forbes


There’s nothing like scheduling a meeting with a key journalist to drive press coverage. Journalists are busy people and have copy to file on a daily basis. Many PR people forget to go armed with a story for that all important lunch meeting, seeing the lunch as the deliverable, not the outcome. Many senior execs will be glad to have the lunch over and done with and will wonder if they are going to be mis-quoted or what, if anything, will come from the encounter. We always advise clients to go armed with three stories and to treat the luncheon as an important business meeting in its own right. Methods introduced by one of our founders helped one company he worked for generate nearly £2million of PR coverage in one year alone. Killer angles to support you key themes = solid press coverage – fact!

We briefly touched on press releases, but a well written and correctly put together announcement makes a journalists job a lot easier. Is the story factually correct? Does it still hang together as news after it has been scribbled on by five colleagues? Do the amendments cut across the story? Does it have solid facts and is it really news? We can assist you here by looking at it from an outsider’s point of view and suggesting changes to help bolster the story.

If you are a supermarket, you have the right to speak about fruit and vegetables in the media. If you are a shipping line, then issues at sea may come your way. Consider a supermarket chain that wants to build awareness around banking or a fund management company that wants to be seen to champion people issues – our team can help. We can look at ways in which we can extend your brand authority to speak on issues you want to build profile around in the media. We will look to give your company the angles it needs to interest the media and produce coverage.

Has your business helped a client to achieve the impossible? Have you been able to put together a programme that has enabled your client to grow? Perhaps you have designed a product or written a software package that speeds up a process or controls a workflow? The use of well written case studies is hugely beneficial to the way in which a business operates. A case study shows how a problem was worked through and a solution found. Case studies are a solid ‘calling card’ for your sales force too. Generator PR can quickly cut through the waffle and deliver on your case study needs. Call a member of the team to find out more.



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